Boya Crystal Dress pays homage to the remarkable style spirit of Boya, my great-grandmother. Living in a small modest village where fashion did not exist amongst hard working women, her love for hardly available pure silk headscarves spoke of individuality and natural sense for elegance and style. She would never leave the house wearing the same silk headscarf. The dress captures her essence by combining intricate crystals with timeless design, symbolizing her unique ability to embrace elegance, luxury and personal style, even in the most unexpected places and times.

Discover the transformative elegance of the Boya Crystal Dress, a tribute to the distinct style of my great-grandmother, Boya. Crafted for versatility, this dress features interchangeable straps of pure silk or dazzling crystals, allowing a seamless transition from understated elegance to glamorous allure. Inspired by Boya's unique flair for silk and style in a world where fashion was a rarity, this dress embodies the blend of luxury and personal expression. The Boya Crystal Dress: A symbol of timeless elegance and individuality.