LILLY /Ljilja

Chic Lilly Trousers and Blouse are a tribute to my cherished aunt Ljilja, one of the most important women in my life. In her youth, she exuded class and elegance, a source of inspiration for my own fashion journey. Named after her, these sumptuous mulberry silk pieces embody the refined ease she effortlessly epitomized, inviting you to embrace a casual sophistication that echoes her enduring influence.

Crafted in homage to the unparalleled Ljilja, the Lilly Collection's mulberry silk pieces—blouse and trousers—whisper tales of timeless elegance. Infused with her spirit of chic sophistication, they redefine comfort with a touch of luxury, embodying casual grace for the modern connoisseur. Lilly: Wear the story of elegance.