An essence and epitome of my collection, Mira blouse and trousers carry the name of the first and the most important woman in my life, my mother Mira. Since my preschool days, she has been an unwavering champion of my creativity and passion for fashion design and tailoring for my Barbie dolls. Inspired by her unwavering sense of classic elegant style, my collection embodies her gentle guidance during my carefree teenage years. Just as she urged me to embrace quality and class, these pieces reflect her enduring influence on my fashion path.

Dive into the depth of elegance with our Mira trousers and blouse, each piece a testament to the timeless class of mulberry silk. Impeccably tailored, the Mira trousers offer a sleek silhouette with an edgy twist, while the blouse, adorned with golden buttons and removable shoulder pads, melds luxurious comfort with sophisticated flair. Named after the muse behind the vision—my mother, Mira—this collection embodies her classic elegance and the spirited guidance that shaped my fashion journey. The Mira Collection: Where quality meets quintessential style.